Happy National #Waterday

Happy National Water Day! To celebrate this extremely important day, we are allocating a percentage of the profits of each t-shirt and/or hoodie sold to a local non-profit whose sole purpose is to help millions of people around the world have access to clean water and sanitation. In addition, we are also offering free shipping on all orders placed online through our site! Help us bring awareness, aid, and education about the importance of clean water and sanitation by purchasing a new Kastlfel piece, today through Saturday, March 25th!

Kastlfel is dedicated to conserving our planet’s resources and reducing our impact on our environment, and our supply chain reflects this. Through our virtual vertical manufacturing process, we track the individual impact of each tee and hoodie produced, so that we can tell you, our consumer, just how impactful your decision to buy conscious and sustainable products is. Within these statistics lies the amount of clean drinking water we save in a single tee.

Can you guess what it is?

… Just ONE Kastlfel short sleeve t-shirt saves 1.94 gallons of water compared to a conventional poly-cotton dyed t-shirt.

Make the decision to educate yourself on how your products are made, the impact they have on the planet and its people, and how you can make a difference. Conscious consumption, whether if it’s in the products you buy or the amount in which you consume, has the ability to impact hundreds, if not millions, of peoples lives.


Plastic-To-Apparel Is The New Black

Think: Trash-Shred-Spin-Wear™

Kastlfel, a Colorado-native clothing line that turns plastic bottles into super-soft apparel, has announced their introduction of new colors in both their jersey-knit and fleece fabrics. A pioneer of responsible textiles and the sustainable apparel movement, Kastlfel has forced us to re-think how we make our products.

Launching back in 2015, Kastlfel had just three original bottle colors, where the colors are derived from the plastic bottles themselves, rather than the use of added dyes. For example, their brown t-shirt is made of recycled beer bottles. The company, which prides itself on crafting better products, has always believed that form, function and fashion are an integral part of sustainable apparel.

“We are very excited about our new colors”, says Jerry Wheeler, CEO of Kastlfel, “It gives people the opportunity to buy apparel focused on consciousness and transparency while looking and feeling great. It also allows our customers to bring in a well-rounded and diverse Kastlfel collection to their stores.”

In conjunction with the new color palette, Kastlfel’s R&D department is developing a new line of eco-friendly print techniques utilizing PVC and phthalate free water-based inks. “By combining our award-winning print quality with the latest inks, equipment, and focus on environmentally friendly production, we set ourselves apart from the competition.”

“People love our water-based inks”, says Wheeler, “they are super soft to the touch, provide better durability and gives you a product you can feel good about wearing.”

You can learn more about Kastlfel’s fabrics, garments and commitment to the planet and its people or place personal orders on their website at www.kastlfel.com.  For questions or inquiries about collaborating with Kastlfel or placing a wholesale order, please email hello@kastlfel.com.

About Our Logo

The Kastlfel logo and wordmark is a metaphorical structure in motion: depending how you choose to see it, it’s either in the process of falling down or being built. It signifies the process of change and renewal. Because of the two possible interpretations, we’ve opted to emphasize the aspects of renewal in the name of logo lockup, “Assembly.” That said, both interpretations tell half the story but they’re both telling the right story. In full, the logo speaks to our desire for something better, for change, as well as our commitment to being a huge part of the solution. It speaks to our brand and our company’s commitment to making things better — one shirt, one hoodie, one garment at a time.


The primary Kastlfel logo uses a vibrant orange — almost the color of a ripe blood orange. The color connotes energy, speed and change. Interestingly enough, several ancient cultures including the Egyptians and Chinese used a healing practice called Chromatherapy: the use of colors to heal illnesses and maladies. The color Orange was used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels. It is a color most widely associated with energy, excitement and enthusiasm — all of which are a huge part of our story and our mission. Perfect, huh?

How We Do Business Isn’t The Problem, It’s The Solution

T-shirts, tires, scissors, Bieber records… there’s no way to ‘create’ without leaving something behind – the odd unused bit or by-product. While we understand that there’s no way to ‘create’ with zero impact, we don’t think that makes it okay to leave a trail of environmental waste and ethical red flags in your wake. There’s a better way to make things, there has to be.

That’s the belief that started Kastlfel. Profit and creativity can, in fact, be in the same room at the same time. (Without throwing down.)

Buying Is Voting

When you buy things, you support the companies that made them — their people, their partners, their business practices. The good, the bad and the ugly. By way of your dollars, you cast a vote that says, “I’m good with however you made this or whoever made it. Nice job. Keep it up.”

At Kastlfel, we believe that if you knew how the stuff you’re wearing was made, you’d vote different. So, we’re entering a new candidate in the race. One with nothing to hide and no reason to. Because nobody likes being fake.

Good Karma Is A Good Look For Everyone

Everyone wants to be seen as an individual, complete with your own experiences, beliefs, principles and quirky sense of humor. And that’s the beauty of Kastlfel. Our goods are made for everyone, not just the tastemakers on the coast. Kastlfel appeals to many different people in many different ways for just as many different reasons. Which is critical if you’re goal is to make a difference (and ours is). To do that, we must appeal to those that others have failed to. True, our goods are made using some of the most advanced and innovative eco-friendly technologies and processes you’ll ever see on a shelf — but we don’t preach that at you. In fact, the first thing you should see in every Kastlfel garment is simplicity, durability and quality. Whether it’s our fabrics, styling or the cut and finish of Kastlfel goods, we make it easy for everyone to support better clothes made better.

Knowing Is Better Than Not Knowing | Socially Conscious Apparel

Whoever said “ignorance is bliss” was up to something. At Kastlfel, we believe that – good or bad -it’s always better to know. Hiding information from people, no matter your motivation, is a way of disrespecting them. Besides, most of us, given the information and the choice, will make the better choice. We’ve built our brand on the very business practices our competitors use theirs to hide. Our brand is an invitation to our customers to come and participate in our business practices. It’s as simple as dropping a bottle in a recycling bin.

What You Need To Know About L.A.’s Mandatory Coronavirus Mask, Face Covering Rules

Effective Friday, Los Angeles residents must wear a mask, bandanna or other type of covering over their noses and mouths when in grocery stores and other essential businesses under an order from Mayor Eric Garcetti. Workers at many businesses must also cover their faces.

Read the Full Article at: LA Times

We want to do our part in helping the shortage of masks and are now giving away free non-medical face masks with every purchase. If you need extra, you can shop our individual or branded custom printed packs.